Meet Our Host: Studio Manarchy

We are really excited about hosting Wedtoberfest at Studio Manarchy on September 17th, 2015. The space was originally built in the late 1800’s to serve as a maple syrup factory, and word on the street says that Al Capone used it in the 1920’s as a gin mill and speakeasy. It holds a bunch of really cool antiques and artifacts- including the world’s largest camera! Aesthetically and historically speaking, what better venue is there to host Wedtoberfest?

Aside from it’s awesome historical significance, we decided that Studio Manarchy would be the perfect space for this event because it has a uniquely warm and exploratory vibe that invokes the spirit of casual drinking and just having a good time. The main point of entry for Wedtoberfest will be the garage where we plan to have food trucks, music, and beer- fostering a beer garden-esque environment. Couples will move throughout the other two spaces and each room will have its own set of delicious libations, yummy food and cool musical acts.


Studio Manarchy is situated on Hubbard Street in the West Loop of Chicago, just around the corner from the Grand blue line stop. Stay tuned for more updates on Wedtoberfest (hint: we’ll be announcing participating vendors REALLY soon!), and make sure to mark your calendar for September 17th!

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