Beer: What to choose for the big day!

Your wedding planning is well underway, and you’ve finally come to the most fun part: choosing the beer that will be served on your big day! The only problem is that there are so many choices… But worry not, because the folks behind Wedtoberfest are here to help you with exactly that.

In terms of selection, two to four different options of beer is a good range to aim for. Generally, we recommend selecting at least one beer that has more of a hoppy flavor such as a nice pale ale or IPA. This is the beer that guests will want to drink two to three of, then switch over to something lighter. The lighter beer can be a pilsner, lager and perhaps a yummy seasonal option. These seasonal options are great to incorporate into your wedding day, because they will enhance the mood of your event. In the fall, your seasonal beer can be pumpkin, spiced or brown ale. For winter weddings, a nice porter or stout is great, and then in the spring/summer saisons and wheat beers are great, refreshing choices as well.


Photo by The Melideos

Another fun idea is adding beer that is of personal significance to you and your other half. Put your favorite home town or college brew on the beverage menu. Perhaps dad has a favorite kind of beer- get some cases of it for him and his buddies. Have fun with it, and don’t be afraid to get personal with your beer selections!

Photo by J. Brown Wedding Photography

Luckily, we have created this wedding show-beer festival hybrid so that you and your partner can taste test a bunch of beer and make it easier for you to decide. Tasting glasses and beer ranking card in hand, the two of you can make a date of it and choose your beer menu then and there. We will be announcing participating breweries very soon, so make sure to stay tuned. Until then, save September 22nd in your calendar and get excited!

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