Sponsor Spotlight: Bottles & Cans


Bottles & Cans, a really cool husband and wife-owned bottle shop in North Center, is another one of our awesome sponsors this year. They are in charge of the Wedtoberfest bubbly bar, and will be supplying champagne and cider! Everyone loves a cool, local liquor shop with unique and interesting libations- we do too! Read the Q&A below to learn a little more about them.

What inspired you to start your business?  

My Husband and I knew we wanted something that was ours.  Beer seemed like an appropriate fit.

Why do you think it’s important to support local and small businesses? What do you think are some advantages to buying from local stores?

Shopping local puts money into our small business ensures money is going back into your communities.  All boats rise with the tide; we can all succeed together. Advantages: all around better experience, focused customer service, sense of community etc.


If you had to choose two beers or two bubblies to provide at your wedding, what would they be?

This is impossible to answer!  There are so many amazing beers! To stick with the ‘shop local’ idea I would go with Metropolitian Brewing‘s Flying Wheel, Revolution Brewing‘s Rosa, Goose Island‘s Ogden, Begyle‘s Crash Landed, Spiteful Brewing‘s Spiteful IPA and Half Acre‘s Pony Pils!  I would never be able to pick just two!
And as for bubbles: I love Cava.  It’s great on its own or if you want to mix it.


What is your favorite way to enjoy a beer?

Joe and I are home-bodies.  Not to mention we have 2 small children.  Drinking on the porch is always relaxing.

Why are you excited to be a sponsor for this year’s Wedtoberfest?
It’s going to be a great event.  It will help us reach a new group of people and it’ll be fun to see our friends!


Prost to you, Bottles & Cans! Wedtoberfest will be taking place on September 17th at Studio Manarchy. If you haven’t purchased your tickets yet, you can do so here.

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