Sponsor Spotlight: Collective Resource

The team behind Wedtoberfest knows how important it is to host a green event. In an industry notorious for being extremely wasteful, Wedtoberfest is taking all necessary measures to be as eco-friendly as possible. Not only will we reduce and recycle all possible waste, but we will also be composting all food scraps that remain after the event. Cue our amazing eco-friendly sponsor- Collective Resource!


Collective Resource is a wonderful, Evanston-based compost service. They collect food waste and compostable products from homes, businesses, and institutions and take them to a commercial composting site. The food scraps then become ​a nutrient-rich soil amendment instead of sitting in a landfill. How awesome is that? Not only do they actually provide this service, but they also make an effort to educate the public about the great importance of reducing landfill waste.

Tell us a little bit more about how you’re contributing to Wedtoberfest, and how you’re helping it be a greener event.

We are helping to make Wedtoberfest a zero waste event. We’re providing receptacles to collect all of the food waste and compostable disposables which we will then haul to a commercial composting facility. One of our staff will be on hand at the event to monitor the waste stations and educate the attendees.


Why should all weddings make an effort to be green events?

For some people, your wedding is the only big party you’ll ever host. As hosts, you’re in a unique position to either create a whole lot of waste or demonstrate to your guests how important it is not to.

What are some important things for couples to consider when planning their (green) wedding?

Precycle! Make choices with our planet in mind. Choose vendors who have green business practices. Choose caterers who compost in their kitchens. Visit http://www.collectiveresource.us/ for lots of great ideas.


We raise our glasses to you, Collective Resource! Make sure to purchase tickets for this green wedding show here.

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