Sponsor Spotlight: Metropolitan Brewing

Metropolitan Brewing is another one of our awesome beer sponsors for this year’s Wedtoberfest. They mainly specialize in brewing lagers, and it’s easy to tell; their lagers are delicious! Their brewery is situated just south of Andersonville, and is kept rather private (no regular tours- sorry guys). The brewers focused on strictly brewing beer, and we can appreciate that. Read more about them below! 


A little bit of history:
In 2009, Metropolitan Brewing was the first brewery to open in Chicago in 10 years. They specialize in German-style beers, mostly lagers. Chicagoans all the way, they make the beer they like to drink. Period. Lagers are the perfect vehicles for their favorite toasty, bready malts and bright, earthy hops. They work hard to showcase a variety of lagers, from a delicate, traditional Kölsch-style beer to a robust, jet-black Schwarzbier. Goofy, yet determined; scrappy, yet reliable; passionate, yet precise, count on Metro to deliver solid, dialed-in beers brewed solely to make people happy.

If you could choose just two Metropolitan Brewing beers to provide at a couple’s wedding, what would they be and why?
1) Krankshaft Kolsch style beer – Our flagship brew is a crowd-pleaser, so it’s an easy choice for celebrations. Granddad will like it because it’s well-balanced and pleasantly dry. Your smartass 20-something nieces and nephews will be impressed by your dedication to local craft beer. 2) Afterburner Oktoberfest – A fall wedding wouldn’t be the same without a solid Oktoberfest. You’ll also be dipping into history, since Oktoberfest was first brewed in 1810 to celebrate a wedding. This beer is malty and smooth, yet crisp and clean.

Metropolitanbeer - Metropolitan Brewery employee Paul Kim working at the Chicago Brewery. Photo by Paul Beaty for the Journal Sentinel

Photo by Paul Beaty for the Journal Sentinel

What sets Metropolitan Brewing apart from other local Chicago breweries?
We brew lagers instead of ales. This actually sets us apart from most other breweries, not just those in Chicago. Lagers require more time and resources to brew, but they’re worth the extra work. Lager yeast works more slowly and at colder temperatures than ale yeast does. The result: clean, dry beers that reveal the true flavors of the malts and hops. We’re proud to brew beers that are relatively rare in American culture, but commonplace in most other beer-drinking places in the world.


Prost, Metropolitan Brewing! We can’t wait to sample your amazing lager on September 17th. For those of you planning on attending Wedtoberfest (and we hope you do!), make sure to purchase tickets in advance!

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