Sponsor Spotlight: 3 Sheeps Brewing Co.

This year’s Wedtoberfest has a great lineup of Midwestern breweries. In addition to our Illinois and Michigan-native beer sponsors, we’ve got a Sheboygan, Wisconsin-born brewery: 3 Sheeps Brewing Co.! Don’t worry, grammar freaks – using the fake word “sheeps” was an intentional decision. It is actually a play on words stemming from “three sheets to the wind”, which is an old saying meaning having overly indulged. Get a little taste of 3 Sheeps and what they’re all about by reading the Q&A below, and by giving their beer a try on September 22nd!


Can you tell me about one or two of your beers in detail?
First Kiss is our imperial IPA with honey- 8.2% 110ibu (First Kiss is kinda perfect for an event like this). It’s also a fan favorite. It came into becoming a year-round beer by popular demand. There’s just enough honey to round out the aggressiveness of the hops – it’s both sweet and dry. And then we’ve got Cashmere Hammer, which is our Nitro Rye Stout. It has a light chocolate flavor and spicy dry finish. This beer was a labor of love – it took 2.5 years to figure out how to bottle this beer in nitro. It is the first beer in the Midwest to successfully have a nitro bottle.


What makes 3 Sheeps Brewing a unique brewery? We are a brewery who enjoys pushing the envelope with unique and fun ingredients, while still being well balanced and approachable.

Are there any new and exciting upcoming projects that you’d like to talk about? We are opening our new brewery here in the next few months! Our very own tap room opened about 3 months ago now- which has been very exciting!
What prompted you guys to sponsor Wedtoberfest/why are you excited to be a sponsor? We really enjoy the unique experience of participating with Webtoberfest and we are always interested to see what cool vendors you bring to your events.


With autumn just around the corner, what beer would be a nice seasonal option to serve at a fall wedding? Cashmere Hammer is a fantastic option for a fall wedding, as well as our Nitro Rye Stout. It’s rich but light bodied with a creamy mouthfeel. For something a little lighter- the Rebel Kent Amber ale is a perfect 5% option for easy drinking wedding beer!

Make sure to come to Artifact Events on September 22nd for a night of fun and beer drinking! Buy your tickets today.

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