Beer-Focused Date Night Ideas

Photo by Michael Kiser,

Instead of going to see a movie for your next date night, mix it up and do something that involves your shared love for beer! Chicago has an incredibly vibrant beer scene with over sixty breweries in the city, so there are tons of options for beer-themed activities. Get inspired by the list below, and “cheers!” with your partner this weekend.

1.Beer Tasting. Okay, this may seem obvious, but when’s the last time you went to a brewery and tried three or maybe even six of their beers? Many breweries and tap rooms offer tasting portions that will allow you to find your favorites. Invite your partner to Revolution Brewing and order a tasting flight – you could find your next favorite beer!


Source: Revolution Brewing

2. Brewery Tour. If you’ve ever been interested in what it looks like behind the scenes, plan a time to attend a brewery tour. Many local breweries, like Half Acre, offer tours for a small price (and might even cover some tasting as well). So grab your partner, and learn something new about the beer-making process.



3. Beer Paired Dinner. You know what goes well with beer? Food! Put a spin on your typical dinner date by attending a special beer-paired meal. Some restaurants host these kinds of beer dinners to showcase a unique pairing between their food and carefully-selected beer. Here’s one coming up fast on March 1st: Dovetail & Begyle Beer Dinner at Fork.


Source: Begyle Brewing

4. Games & Beer. What’s more fun than drinking beer and playing pinball? Take your partner to Emporium (in Wicker Park or Logan Square) to relive your childhood, only with beer. They’ve got an amazing beer selection that will appease all beer lovers alike.




5. Beer Festivals. We all know how much Chicago loves its festivals- did you know you can attend festivals that are centered around beer? Buy tickets to the Chicago Beer Classic, Logan Square Beer Festival, or the Chicago Ale Fest for a day of beer-drinking! Check out this comprehensive list of Chicago beer festivals in 2017.



We think your partner will be thrilled when you suggest these fun beer-centric dates. So what are you waiting for? Get to planning your next date! Cheers!

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