Vendor Spotlight: Poemgrown

Here in Chicago, there are countless wedding vendors and services. One of the most unique ones we’ve encountered is Poemgrown, an awesome and sentimental service by Cin Salach. Poemgrown writes custom poems for weddings and other special occasions. Learn more about Poemgrown through the Q&A below!


Can you tell us a little bit about the service your business offers?

Poemgrown offers commissioned poetry, written in collaboration with you, your life, and your occasion. What does that mean? I work with you, or you and your spouse-to-be, or your parents, or your friends and family (or all of the above!) to translate your love story into poetry. The finished poem is then printed on beautiful linen paper, signed and ready to be framed so that you can be inspired by your love every day!

I also collaborate with musicians, painters, photographers, jewelry makers and ceramic artists to put your poem, or a favorite line or word from it, onto a bowl, or written into a painting…or even set to music so that you can dance to your love story at your wedding!


What inspired you to start this business? 

Though my life has always centered around poetry, I worked in advertising to financially support myself. But after my son was born, my heart took over my head and redirected how I should “make a living.” I was in that space when a friend asked if I could donate something to a silent auction for her school. I donated a custom poem, and the woman who won it asked me to write a poem for her daughter’s 7th birthday. After I sent her the finished poem she immediately emailed back saying, “I’m crying already. And it’s only the third line! This is the BEST GIFT EVER!”. Something clicked, and I knew that this was what I was supposed to do next. I woke up the next morning with “poemgrown” in my head (I swear that never happens to me!) and my business was born.

close up of Paul & Carrie's bowl(2)

What is your process like when working with wedding clients? Can you tell us a little more about the questions you ask them (to get to know them/their love better)?

What I love about poetry is that it captures the essence of relationship, of love. And so I have a handful of specific, yet fairly simple questions I ask my clients to get at the essence of theirs: “What is something of her/him that is in you?” “What is something you want to tell her/him that might surprise her?” “When you close your eyes, what is the first memory that comes up about when you met?” “What is the most important thing you want them to feel from this poem?”…these are a few…and I take those answers, and I sit. And I listen. And then I begin writing their poem.

I also ask for one (or more!) favorite photos to be sent to me along with their answers, because I love to look at their faces when I write!

close up of wedding bowl

Tell us why more people should consider having a custom poem written for their wedding (what are some unique, cool benefits to having this done)?

Your love story is the most important part of your wedding. That may seem obvious but it is such a big day that often the details can overwhelm the reason everyone is gathered! I know from my own wedding that after planning it for sooo long, when the actual day arrived, it took everything I had to be present and not overwhelmed by my own emotions!

A commissioned poem not only captures your love to help remember after the big day (it is a wonderful companion to your wedding album), it is a great way to keep your love story at the very heart of your wedding day throughout….I have had clients use their poem as part of their vows…written on their wedding cake…read to them as they walk down the aisle…given as a gift to the couple from their parents….given as a thank you to guests from the newly wedded couple…

There are so many AMAZING vendors in Chicago to help make your wedding beautifully and uniquely yours…. I am proud that poemgrown is one of them….


If you’re interested in learning more or contacting Poemgrown, visit the website or email Cin at

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