2017 Sponsor Spotlight: Atmosphere Events Group

Atmosphere Events Group, our fabulous decor sponsor, provided some amazing lighting for the outdoor patio. They always know how to set the mood!

As of late, AEG has been working with more comprehensive event design clients, which allow them to enjoy being a part of their event from the very beginning. They love walking alongside their clients and helping them reflect their personalities while creating incredible decor.

One thing not many people know about Atmosphere Events Group is that they have 3 partners that have very different backgrounds; John is a talented musician that had a metal band and has self-recorded multiple albums of classical guitar and metal music. Victoria started as a sculptor,  and she won several awards for her art, as well as owning a furniture restoration and redesign company before joining the team at Atmosphere Events. Tom has a background in art and photography giving him a unique perspective on event design. Tom started in the wedding industry as a DJ, and still is an avid music lover.

One of their favorite beers is Spotted Cow; whenever they have an event in WI they always bring some back for the office fridge. When talking Chicago brewing companies, Hopewell and Pipe Works are always at the top of their list.

Cheers, AEG! Thanks for all your help at this year’s event.

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