2017 Sponsor Spotlight: FIG Catering

You can’t throw a good party without amazing food. FIG Catering not only has that, but also has amazing service staff. We were fortunate enough to have FIG Catering onboard as a Wedtoberfest 2017 sponsor, and it wouldn’t have been as delicious without them. Read the Q&A below to see what’s going on with FIG!

Is there anything exciting and new happening at FIG Catering? Over the years our definition of “intimate gatherings,” (the IG in FIG) has grown from 80 to 120 to 150, but now we realize that intimate doesn’t have to mean small. Instead, intimate means closely acquainted and/or familiar- or in other instances, personal. Since you can definitely have over 150 close friends and we consider our services personal, in 2018 FIG is broadening our reach to include events over 150 guests. This is exciting for us because it gives us the opportunity to handle events that we’ve excluded ourselves from in the past, but in a way it’s not that big of a change since we plan to provide the same level of service and quality of food no matter what the event size and will still say no to events where we feel we cannot deliver on that promise.

What is one thing that not many people know about your company? We only do one thing and we do it well –  full service catering! Instead of dividing our attention between urban farming, drop off catering, prepared meals, cooking classes, and other distractions we focus on preparing and serving the best food for you and your guests.

What is currently your favorite beer? We love Sliced Nectarine IPA from Moody Tongue Brewery in Pilsen. It’s so nicely balanced and goes well with anything from appetizers to dessert. We recently served it at our FIGgin Radical summer farm dinner with a grilled peach mille feuille. Yum!

Cheers, FIG Catering!


Photo by Ed & Aileen Photography

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