2017 Sponsor Spotlight: FIG Drinks

We were lucky enough to not only have FIG Catering as our sponsor this year, but their sister company FIG Drinks as well! FIG Drinks supplies all of the necessities you need in terms of booze at a gathering: liquor, cocktail fix ins, ice, and bartenders. They’re the ones you should hire if delicious cocktails are a priority at your event. Read more about what’s happening at FIG Drinks below!

Is there anything exciting and new happening at FIG Drinks? We are going to focus on reaching out to local breweries and distilleries that have great spaces and supplement the drinks they don’t carry. For example, even though Dovetail Brewing can serve you a proper Vienna lager they are not allowed to serve wine or liquor. Together we can develop beer cocktails or pour a tasty wine to complement their beer and your food.

What is one thing that not many people know about your company? We make our own bitters and liqueurs in-house which allows us to make cocktails that no one else can recreate and gives us access to product made with local produce (like flowers and botanicals from The Roof Crop, one of our favorite urban farms).

What is currently your favorite beer? We’re really loving what Lake Effect Brewing is putting out lately – their amber ale and their, seasonal, wheat ale (Snow) are both deliciously approachable – exactly what you want at a catered bar where you have to appeal to a lot of different drinkers.

Cheers, FIG Drinks!


Photo from Wedtoberfest 2016 by Ryan Moore Photography

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