2018 Chicago Sponsor Spotlight: Ingrid Bonne Photography

Wedding season is going strong with the popularity of September and October weddings! However, it’s no match for the endless amount of energy of Ingrid Bonne from Ingrid Bonne Photography. You’ll see her photographing all the wedding planning fun and beer festivities at this year’s Chicago Wedtoberfest. For now, read all about this lovely lady below!

What has been your favorite event from this past year?

I LOVE my weddings! I shoot lots of events: corporate, non-profit, birthday parties, engagement parties, you name it. But weddings are my very favorite! There is NO energy like the energy on a wedding day! I will have to say that one of my very favorite weddings of the year was last October. (Featured in the photo above)

It was not only visually gorgeous, beautiful and stunning, but the couple were kind, generous, warm and SO MUCH FUN as was every single guest that attended. The dance party at the reception was one of the liveliest I have seen and I will never forget it. Actually, everything about the day was perfect! I worked with the ever-awesome Naturally Yours Events at Low-Res Studio and it was blissful!

Please tell us about a recent piece of work that you are really proud of!

YES!! Funny you should ask because I just recently shot a wedding that I am SO proud of! The groom is one of the owners and master brewers of Old Irving Brewing Company in Chicago and the couple decided to have their wedding there. I LOVE unique wedding locations, especially when they are meaningful to the couple getting married!

A month or so prior to their wedding, the bride and groom were working an event sponsored by the mayor and he found out that they were getting married soon and so he kindly offered them VIP access to the rooftop at City Hall to use as a portrait location on their wedding day! SO we started the wedding day with a First Look on the private rooftop of City Hall, made possible exclusively by the Mayor Of Chicago! It was SO cool!

The rest of the day just got better and better! The weather was perfect, the couple and their friends, wedding party and guests were all such a treat to work with all day and the venue was out of this world! They had a cake made of wheels of cheese and they even had their very own “Wedding Pilsner”! The amount of killer images that resulted from this epic day is insane! It was a very low-key wedding on a Sunday afternoon and it was PERFECT. The styling was simple but just the right amount of classy and fun. The energy and vibe was inspirational and resulted in some of my best work to date!

What else is Ingrid Bonne Photography up to?

Most of my weddings take place in Chicago, but I shoot destination weddings as well! This year I will be shooting weddings in Miami, Las Vegas and even Galena, IL (not quite as far as others, but quite a ways from the city!) I’ve photographed weddings in Mexico, Ft. Myers, Dominican Republic, a castle in England, and even an intimate wedding at a palace in the Tuscan region of Italy! Each one is so special to me and each couple holds a special place in my heart!

Make sure that you get your tickets to Chicago Wedtoberfest here so you can have the opportunity to chat with Ingrid! See you on October 4th at Artifact Events!

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