2019 Seattle Wedtoberfest Sponsor: The Upper Crust Catering

Forget boring typical ‘wedding food’ because we don’t want any of that. Let’s focus on sustainable, local options that taste and look great which all your wedding guests will love! The Upper Crust Catering is one of the wonderful caterers that will be at Seattle Wedtoberfest on March 21st and we’re excited for you to see what they have to offer.

The Upper Crust Catering combines great food with a philanthropic mission. They offer multiple menu options that fit any guest needs from classic catering to full vegetarian and vegan menus.

Photo courtesy of The Upper Crust Catering
Photo courtesy of The Upper Crust Catering
What has been your favorite event from this past year? 

Our favorite event this year was a fundraiser for Adaptive Sports, a non-profit that provides opportunities for people with physical disabilities to compete in various sports. As a catering company with a social mission that includes supporting another non-profit, Urban Hands, we love being involved with people and places that look to give back.

Please tell us about a recent event that you are really proud of!

This past summer we catered a wedding at an organic farm. We were able to source almost all the ingredients for the meal from the farm and other local sources. While sourcing locally and in-season is always a goal of ours, being able to serve food in view of the fields in which it grew was a special, proud moment for our entire staff.

What style of beer is The Upper Crust Catering?

The Upper Crust is a Pilsner. Just as the Pilsner is light and refreshing, we’re always looking for ways to enliven people’s events and experiences through creative, exciting menus and friendly servers. A Pilsner is not simply a light, bottom of the barrel, flavor of the month through, and neither are we. We’ve been working in Seattle for over 35 years, and partner years of experience with a steadfast dedication to serving our community.

More about Upper Crust Catering:

In addition to our full catering schedule, we host two meals for the homeless per week at our event space in Greenwood. Anybody who is looking for a way to serve and make new friends is welcome to join us!

The Upper Crust Catering’s Event Space: Greenwood Square

Tickets for Seattle Wedtoberfest are on sale now. Get them HERE to taste The Upper Crust Catering’s delicious bites and meet other great Seattle wedding vendors!

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