Wedtoberfest 2023: A Resounding Success for Love, Community, and Craft Brews!

Celebrating Love and Community

Wedtoberfest 2023, the unique beer and bubbly wedding expo, was nothing short of a spectacular event. Set against the vibrant backdrop of Chicago, this year’s expo brought together over 50 diverse wedding vendors and breweries, creating an unforgettable experience for all who attended. The event was more than just a celebration of love and matrimony; it was a testament to the power of community and giving back.

Photo by Cling & Peck

A Toast to Giving Back

One of our favorite parts of Wedtoberfest is our ability to give back to the community. We proudly announce that the event raised over $2,000 for The People for Community Recovery. This local Chicago non-profit is dedicated to environmental justice, and the funds will greatly aid its mission of creating sustainable and healthy communities.

Photo by Cling & Peck 

Fashion Meets Acrobatics

A major highlight of the expo was our impromptu fashion show. The talented performers of Yes Ma’am Circus infused the event with energy and grace, showcasing the latest in bridal wear. The dresses from Bricolage Bridal were nothing short of stunning, adding an elegant touch to the dynamic performance. This fusion of fashion and acrobatics was a feast for the eyes and an innovative way to present bridal trends.

Accompanied by Funktastic Productions

Gratitude to Our Sponsors

This event would not have been possible without the generous support of our sponsors or beverage sponsors.

Photo by Cling & Peck 

Showcasing the Best in the Business

Wedtoberfest 2023 was also a platform for over 50 unique vendors. From innovative breweries to creative wedding service providers, the expo was a one-stop destination for all wedding planning needs.

Looking Forward: 10th Annual Wedtoberfest

Join Us Next Year On October 2nd, 2024 at Artifact Events

As we wrap up, let’s throw our hats in the air for next year! The 10th annual Wedtoberfest is brewing on the horizon, and it’s shaping up to be a spectacular bash to celebrate a decade of love, hops, and happiness. Think bigger, better, and bubblier! Vendor applications open in spring, so get your creative juices flowing. Expect a whirlwind of raffles, prizes, and entertainment that’ll knock your socks off. So, mark your calendars and join the fun – because, at Wedtoberfest 2024, we’re not just raising glasses, we’re raising spirits! 🎉🍻💍

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