Vendor FAQs

How do I participate?
If you are interested in becoming a vendor, you will need to fill out an online application. Applications for upcoming events can be found on this page. Please be mindful of the details and deadlines.

Why can’t you accept everyone that applies?
While we would love to accept everyone, space is very limited. As a result, we must jury all applicants with criteria such as:

  • Does your product/service reflect the vision and vibe of Wedtoberfest and what the event hopes to achieve?
  • How is this highlighted in your application?
  • Do your products/services represent both quality and professionalism in your field?

Vendors are also selected based on diversity of styles and price points in order to provide a large variety to attendees (and less competition for you). Incomplete applications will not be considered. Due to the volume of applications, we can not guarantee a personal response to your application.

What types of spaces are available?
is a unique event that focuses on a casual approach to getting your brand in front of potential clients, therefore we are doing something different than the typical “hotel ballroom wedding expo”. Your space options include a 36″ round table (like a casual pub style table) or a 6ft table for those vendors who need a larger space. Caterers, photo booths, and other select vendors will receive different space options to accommodate their needs. In fitting with the style of this event, large displays and backdrops are not encouraged. Guests will appreciate the intimate nature of this event and enjoy the opportunity to chat one-on-one with you. Please note that spaces are limited and cannot be shared.

What is the cost to participate and what is included?
Cost to participate is $400 for vendors reserving the 36″ round table space or $550 for a 6ft table space (linens not included). 
Your space will include your sized table and a foot or two room to walk around your table/make the space your own.  Full service caterers ($100) and sweets vendors ($200) are charged a discounted rate for their space, as they are expected to provide multiple tasting samples for attendees throughout the event.

Special space accommodations will/can be made for caterers, food trucks, photo booths, and rental vendors, where/if applicable. If you have different space requirements than what is offered above, email us at We can see if it is possible to accommodate you.

Is there electricity or wi-fi?
Electrical outlets are available but limited. Artists can request access to electricity but we can not guarantee it. WiFi is usually available and specific information is given to vendors in their vendor packets after their acceptance into the expo.

Can I have two spaces?
Due to the number of applications and the size of our event, we can not offer this option at this time. Additionally, given the intimate nature of this event, it is required that businesses apply separately and cannot share a space.

How will I know if I’ve been accepted?
After the application deadline, we will notify all of those who applied with our decision. You may also be placed on a waiting list if not initially selected to participate. If something opens up, we will let you know. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to accept everyone even if we really, really like your work.

Do I need a special permit or license?
All vendors are required to be licensed, legal businesses within their home state.**Food or alcohol vendors may be required to provide additional certification. You will be contacted individually. Any alcohol related business must have appropriate permits allowing to serve offsite. Food vendors must also have certification to serve offsite.

Do I need insurance?
You will have two options regarding insurance for the event. You can either get a certificate of insurance from your insurance agent naming Naturally Yours Events Inc. and our venue partner as additional insured for the day. Or you can sign a simple waiver releasing liability. Full details on both of these options will be sent out in your vendor packet, if you are accepted.

Can I sell items at the event?
No, at this time, we are not allowing vendors to sell any items, food, or beverages.

Will there be promotional opportunities?
You will be able to participate in a variety of promotional opportunities in addition to our standard print and online advertising. Participants will be notified of all opportunities as the event approaches.